Why Art Matters -Starting Artists from Americans for the Arts on Vimeo.

Starting Artists created the Why Art Matters video during last year's Afterschool Program. First, students brainstormed words that described what art means to them. The prompt was, "Art is..." and the students answered it with words such as "loud," "inspiration," and "global." Then, they paired those words with some of their opposites and compliments. Students chose snapshots that were taken around New York City, matching them with appropriate words and then adding the type in Photoshop. Quon, an SA intern, mixed the soundtrack in GarageBand and then they put all of the images together in iMovie.

Starting Artists, Inc.
211 Smith St.
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Conductor Benjamin Zander on Music and Passion...

Discovering the "Art of Possibility!"


Scouring the Web for Singer Tidbits!

 CHECK OUT THIS CD.....  Classical meets Pop.....  "POPERA"....  Beautiful!

   Composer-conductor Paul Schwartz got his start working with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and later served as musical director for Andrew Lloyd Webber's production of The Phantom of the Opera, among other productions. For Aria, Schwartz assembled a cutting-edge compilation of operatic passages, mixed them beautifully with thudding cold beats, shifting warm synths, and an array of overlapping and enveloping, emotional, gorgeous, and, yes, operatic moods. The result was the arrival of what would years later be dubbed by some critics as "popera" and embraced by music fans the world over. Singers on Aria include Isobel Griffiths, Mario Grigorov, and Rebecca Luker.



    Diva Dance via "The Fifth Element" 

 *Even aliens can sing bel canto!!!

The voice of the Diva is opera soprano 
 Inva Mula-Tchako.  

The aria is from Donizetti's

 Lucia di Lammermoor  
(The Mad Scene).  Her voice was altered in the sound studio to open the octave range from two to four-and-a-half.




 Some of us are born "salesmen" and then there are those who are born to "SING"!   Mr. Paul Potts of the UK is one of those ....  a Frog turned into a Prince!        Congratulations to the Winner of "Britain's Got Talent" 2007!  

Paul Potts Official Website

 Paul's CD Release with Sony BMG Music